Poem For Winter – Poezie în engleză pentru copii


Poem For Winter – Poezie despre iarnă, pentru copii, în engleză

Snow, snow, thick, thick snow
Winter time’s here you know,
While the temperature’s low.

The snowflakes are falling
By ones and by twos
There is snow on my coat
And snow on my shoes.
There is snow on the plants
And snowflakes all around me
Like many white bees.


Snow comes in the night
Without a sound
Like a white cloud
Down to the ground!

I’m a little snowman
Short and fat
Here is my broomstick
Here is my hat!
A carrot for the nose
Some buttons for the eyes
The snowman shows
As happy as you like.

Ring all the bells
On this glad Christmas day
When the children everywhere
Loves to sing and play .

Carols bright we sing
All the bells ring
On this day,
This merry Christmas day.
Sing children, sing
For glad Christmas day
Christmas is the best
Happiest day of the year.

Santa Claus, I want a car
And I hope it won’t be far
Till I drive a modern one
Wich will take me to the sun.

Santa Claus, I want a doll
That’s all
For me to buy
And I won’t cry!


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